Credit Connector provides personal loan and credit card guides for consumers, as well as HARP mortgage program information.

  • Am I earning enough?
  • Do I have enough savings built up for my retirement?
  • Can my mortgage qualify for any of the new HARP replacement programs?
  • Do I have enough credit history built up?
  • What kind of insurance plan would give me the best bang for the buck?

These are just some of the major financial decisions that all of us must make at some point in our life. In recent times, there has been a remarkable progress in terms of the number of options available for consumers. But despite the access to financial industry news and happenings, credit card guides, and the multitude of financial options available at the fingertips, not everyone is equipped with either the financial knowledge or expertise required to make such choices. Choosing a wrong financial product or making unwise investment choices without the support of Credit Connector’s credit card guides and services might result in loss of your hard-earned money.

How we help

Credit Connector is your one stop solution for personal loans, credit card guides, HARP mortgage program information, and all things financial. We not only keep you updated on the latest financial industry news and events but also guide you through every aspect of personal finance – whether it be investments, retirement planning or just a way towards a debt-free life.

Our commitment is only to you. Our recommendations will be independent, fair and objective with the solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Use Credit Connector’s tools and resources to learn about the financial industry news and trends, navigate through the information clutter and search for the most optimum solutions to accomplish all of your financial needs and goals.

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