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What To Know

Being a homeowner is the ultimate American Dream. With mortgage rates coming off their recent highs, more and more aspirational homeowners are looking at their dreams transforming into reality, now more so than ever.

Investing in a home can be bit of an overwhelming process involving a lot of groundwork including

– Calculating the mortgage amount, down payment required and affordability

– Deciding on the mortgage type – Government-backed or conventional

– Choosing the interest rate type – Fixed or adjustable

– Identifying the lenders who can offer the best mortgage rates

– Determining the loan size required – conforming or non-conforming

Are There Government Supported Mortgage Programs?

With the government-backed Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) officially discontinued back in December 2018, refinancing an existing mortgage has also become quite difficult. As an existing homeowner who has missed the boat on HARP and other such home affordable refinancing programs you might also be grappling with a sea of questions

– Has the value of my home increased or decreased since I purchased? What is its current value?

– If the value has decreased, are there any HARP replacement programs that I can take advantage of to refinance my existing mortgages?

– Will refinancing my mortgage reduce my financial burden without impacting my credit score?

We, at CreditConnector are here to answer your questions and can show you the path to achieving your homeowning dreams!

Become a homeowner! Live your dream!